Membership Opportunities

Kirkhill Golf Club offers a range of membership opportunities - suitable for both regular and occasional golfers.

We are now accepting applications for new members. If you have any questions about joining please direct your enquiry to the Club Manager on 


Call:  0141 641 8499

Lifestyle Membership

New Category

We have introduced a new Lifestyle Membership category for new members.

This membership category would suit people who work away from home or because of work/ family commitments cannot commit to playing regularly.

Membership will run from 1st October 2020 to 30th September 2021.

Criteria of Membership
i. Can play in Optional Medals and submit Supplementary Scores but cannot enter balloted medals.
ii. Gain and maintain a handicap in the same way as an ordinary member would.
iii. Can book a time through online booking system.
iv. Can sign on visitors using their points for the same rate as they paid for themselves.
v. Points will be the equivalent to one £pound e.g. £250 will equate to 250 points.
vi. Initial subscription will be £300 - £25 Bar Card / £17 Golf Union / £8 Card plus 250 points
vii. Minimum top up for golf playing points would be £50
viii. Top up bar card as any member would.
ix. No voting rights.
x. Ineligible to play for any team.
xi. Not allowed to enter matchplay competitions.

Cost and Times of Play
1. £1 equates to 1 point (Must register with the Pro Shop before play)

2. Points redeemed at a rate depending on when you play.
No Play Saturday or Sunday before 2 pm.
A. Peak Times –Mon to Fri (4pm to 6.30 pm)

B. Mid Times – Mon to Fri (8am to 4 pm) Sat & Sun (2pm to 5pm)

C. Low Times – Mon to Fri (after 6.30 pm) Sat & Sun (after 5pm)

• Peak Times (20 points)
• Mid Times (15 points)
• Low Times (12 points)

If you are interested contact the Club Manager by email

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