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    Update 30th November 2016

    Seniors summary for 2016

    • Winter fourball, not successful, not being repeated

    • Winter stableford/lunch continues to be popular, well supported and here to stay(A big thanks to Jim Ewing for his varied menus)

    • Senior medals, could have higher numbers, will remain on Wed’s, they are ‘senior’ medals not an extension of the Tuesday/Thursday sweep....9 hole medals, interested?, after discussion answer was YES. Committee to be asked to consider creating a 9 hole course, possibly from YELLOW tees.

    • Great support for LGA senior championship(will be at Hamilton next year), first Monday in June a block entry will, once again, be made

    • Great support for seniors at Millport/Cambuslang, thanks to Robert for organising Millport(pity neither club knows how to run an open event properly!!) I have formally informed C’Lang that I will NOT arrange a block entry for their seniors until I get an assurance they will use CDH info.

    • Very competitive senior championship, S Abernethy won, but did not get as easy a run as he hoped, well done Stewart, first member to have won all 3 main club championships.

    • Bomber Brown/senior open, could see more support......usual thanks to organisers.

    • First attempt at open Texas scramble cancelled, but thanks to all who supported the club event. Committed to trying again, need to spread the word, how good is Kirkhill , and fun to play.

    • Another fun seniors outing to Largs, Alan Byrne wishes to thank Bill Perston for organising the day( I think that’s what Billy said).

    • Senior Team, close but still no cigar! Did almost everything we could, just for Bothwell to get a jammy win at Lanark. Well done Bothwell on going on to win the play off’s.

    • Finally congratulations to

    ? James Frew A Mackenzie
    ? Jim Brwon Senior open
    ? Andrew Mellin Bomber brown
    ? Allan Findaly Bryson

    Iain Forrest
    Seniors Convenor