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Club News

  • Clubhouse Opening 1911

    The original clubhouse opened in May 1911 at a cost of £1,600, a fitting home for a club having between 500 and 600 members. The building was in red sandstone and consisted of two storeys and attics. The ground floor consisted of a gentlemen's smoking room adjacent to the refreshment bar, cloakroom whilst gentlemen's boxes occupied the right wings. Upstairs housed the tea room, kitchen, scullery besides ladies' sitting room and ladies boxes. The top flat contained the greenkeeper's house of two rooms and kitchen.

    As the Club approached the 70's a series of levies and increases in subscription allowed Phase I to proceed with a clubhouse extension. Phase II would take a little longer to complete but this was duly achieved in 1978.

    Whilst the orginial Clubhouse served the membership well, successive Development Committees from the mid 90's were well aware that it was no longer fit for the fast approaching demands of the 21st Century.

    In 2003 the membership agreed to proceed with a sale of land and the old Clubhouse and a bank loan and consequently the current Clubhouse was built in 2004 at a cost of £1.4M and opened by Sandy Jones, Chief Executive of the PGA on 26th March 2005.